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Director of Pastoral Care

The Elders and Leadership Team of Journey Church have been thinking and praying quite a bit for our church during this time of transition, as you might expect.    We have been feeling very comfortable regarding the Sunday worship, the high level of participation of volunteers in support and leadership roles and the general spirit of the congregation overall.   However, one of our concerns has been the availability of comprehensive “pastoral” services to our congregation – specifically in the areas of counseling, discipling, outreach to visitors and meeting the expressed spiritual needs within our community.  This message is to announce to you how we feel the Lord has led us in this prayerful consideration.

Most of you know Don Camp.  Don and Connie have been worshiping with us for several years.  Don has served as a pastor for over 15 years in several Baptist churches. He just last week retired from teaching at a local Christian High School.   Don is an Elder on our Leadership Board where his gentle, wise and grace-filled contributions have been highly valued.  And, he has “hosted” our worship over the past 8 – 10 weeks on behalf of the Elders.  Interestingly enough, Don has a special passion for “pastoral care” and was quite excited to consider and accept this half-time position as “Director of Pastoral Care” at Journey, while the Pastor Search Committee continues its work to find a new full time Pastor for our church.  Don will return to serving in a volunteer capacity after “turning over the reins” to our newly called Pastor.

We hope Don is not required to serve a long time in this position, being optimistic that the PSC will quickly find an excellent candidate for our long term position.  But for the duration of this transitional process, we can be confident that the personal shepherding of the members of our congregation will be in his capable hands.

Don can be reached at or by phone (360-485-5810)…or through the church office (253-759-1770)… Don is “onboard,” as of June 20 and will be in the office between 9:00 and 11:00 A.M. Monday through Thursday.

Stop by for a chat….or arrange for a coffee any time.