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Leadership Board Update June 2018

Journey Community Church Leadership Update, June 2018

Our Leadership is so thankful for the faithfulness of God as he leads our church. At times during this “interim” period we feel like the Israelites must have felt – led by God, but somehow “not yet” at home.  We look forward to having a Pastor chosen and in place, but we praise God for the gifted men and women hard at work in the meantime!  This is God’s church, and, as Todd is known to say “Jesus is Lord”.  He will lead, restore and comfort us during this time and into the future!

In short summary, our outlook in June is positive and optimistic.  You can link to the details category reports below, but I’ll offer a short word in each area.

  • Finances:
    • Good news: Our giving exceeds our expenses, in part related to significantly reduced costs related to delayed construction and the absence of a pastor’s salary. Our giving is not at the budgeted amount necessary if we were to have had both those categories fully funded, however.
    • Bad news: We became aware of two large and unforeseen expenses in the area of building maintenance (furnace replacement and roofing work – combined cost >$25000) which will deplete our Emergency Fund entirely and require us to take money out of savings. And, we have upcoming expenses anticipated to construct the front offices! Please be in prayer for these needs and consider whether God may be calling you to support them in a one time (or multiple-time) gift. These gifts can be giving during worship, by bank transfer/check or through our “Journey App”.
  • Staff: Our staff remain fully committed to the hard work of managing the church through this interim period. We have so much respect and admiration for them and hope that you do as well.  Please express your appreciation to April, Todd, Joel, Amanda and Mike whenever you think of it.
  • Big News! This week you will read in a separate announcement that Don Camp will be joining our staff to become the “Director of Pastoral Services” during the interim period.  Don will coordinate counseling, discipling, outreach and follow-up to contact cards and other personal needs within the congregation.  He may be reached at or by phone (360-485-5810).
  • Hospitality: Amy Cooper and Mica are hard at work devising policies and procedures for the use of our building and facilities. Please pray for them in this process.
  • Youth: our Youth are gearing up to raise funds for their upcoming summer camp experience in which we will be teaming with Fox Island Alliance. Please pray for our kids and their friends to come, for the staff to have clarity in their planning and for funds to be raised to support this important experience.
  • Kids –The Summer Discipleship series began this Monday and will continue for kids in grades K-5 (with middle schoolers helping out!). Please pray for Amanda, her staff and the kids to be blessed in this ministry.
  • Mens Ministry –
    • Calling all Men to come to the July 14 breakfast here at the church at 8:30am. Please call Ray Reyes if you can help him plan for this.  We want to make this a recurring event, so any help is appreciated.
    • Men’s Prayer times – We have two times which the church is open to men who wish to pray for the church, for our families, friends and neighbors: Monday at 7 pm and Tuesdays at 630 am. Please come and pray – as we see God at work in areas we have prayed for, we will be enriched and energized!
  • Missions – Many thanks to Shelley Koeppen and Michael Ortega for planning and hosting the Missions Sunday emphasizing international missions. We raised $2875  to support the great Commission Fund.   Please pray for Shelley, Michael and Cameron Cox, our Elder representative to the Missions Committee as they plan for local, regional missions and continue to bring the international work of the Alliance to our attention
  • Small Groups – Be praying for wisdom as we collect our thoughts and set a direction for small groups this fall. In the meantime, Richard and Laura Parker will be leading a 5 week study on Assurances of our Faith – another lens at the basics of our faith and how they impact our outlook and personal confidence in it.
  • Worship – Our “preaching team” will continue to rotate the preaching ministry as we focus on the Psalms, beginning towards the end of July. Please pray that they are led by God to bring the word of God to the people of God.
  • Partnership – If you are interested in becoming “partners” (members) of the Journey Church body, please notify the church office by email or phone message. We plan a two-meeting “Pathway to Partnership” to begin in the next two weeks.
  • Baptism – We’d also love to have a baptism service this summer – these services are so faith-building for all of us! If you love Jesus and want to publicly express your commitment to him, we would love to offer you the sacrament of baptism.  Contact the church office and we will set you up with an appointment with Don Camp to confirm your interest and proceed with scheduling a baptism service!
  • Pastor Search Committee – The PSC is entering the last week of accepting applications and is hard at work in reviewing the resumes, listening to sermons and to the Lord as He leads them in finding the Pastor to lead us into the future.