Following Jesus – Making Disciples – Changing the World

Exciting Times

Exciting Times 

Yesterday I browsed through the “connect cards” from the last several months.  An exciting pattern emerged: we are seeing an unusual number of visitors who are interested in making Journey their church family and in joining with us in the mission God has given us.

Later as I visited with Todd and with several of the leaders, that sense of God’s fresh moving among us was reinforced.

A new adult class, “Assurance,” is beginning this week led by Richard Parker, and there is good interest.

The Journey  Kids Discipleship is seeing a growing number of kids including some who are just now hearing about Jesus.  There are new teens in the Journey Youth program, and there is talk of bringing into the youth program teens from Truth Bible. Some of these teens may be going to camp with our teens in August.

The men’s prayer time on Mondays and Tuesdays is growing with nine men present and praying this week.

What does that mean?

I believe it means that God is preparing to do something extraordinary.

What is the key?

Prayer.  God always begins every movement of renewal and revival by moving his people to pray.

Todd came to the staff meeting Tuesday with just such a proposal, that we call a day of fasting and prayer.  His proposal developed into a commitment of the staff to call Journey to fast and pray on July 16 and 17.

We’ll hear more from the leaders in the days ahead, but the idea is that we open the church on Monday morning, July 16, for prayer and commit to fast for at least one meal during the day. The church will then be open in the evening to gather again and to close the day in prayer.

A second day of prayer and fasting would be held on Tuesday, July 17, for those who could not gather or fast on Monday or who want to continue their focus on prayer for a second day. Others could pray at home or during the day at work.

What can we expect?

When the church in Jerusalem was threatened by the command of the Jewish religious leaders that they no longer speak publically in the name of Jesus, they gathered to pray (Acts 4).  They prayed, not for protection from the threats but for boldness to speak the word of Jesus despite the danger.  The place where they prayed was shaken; they were filled with the Holy Spirit; and they spoke the word with greater boldness (Acts 4:31).

Opposition from the Jewish authorities did not cease, but God protected the disciples of Jesus and performed miracles among them and before the people. Many in Jerusalem received the message and followed the Lord Jesus — because God’s people prayed and committed themselves to boldly proclaim Jesus as Messiah, Savior, and Lord.

The incredible movement of God in Jerusalem has been repeated whenever and wherever God’s people concertedly pray for boldness and for the salvation of people.

We are at such a moment. God is calling us to pray. He promises to answer. Will we pray?