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Journey Church: Suggested Areas for Focused Prayer

Thank you to all who are standing with us in prayer. Here are some suggested areas to focus on:

The Church as a Whole Congregation

  • Protection – physical and spiritual
  • Spiritual revival in the congregation, and in the culture of our community
  • That every member would have a growing and robust hunger in their personal relationship with God
  • Wisdom for leaders throughout the church in their leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Increasing awareness of gifting on the part of every member
  • Financial blessing
  • Favor in the community
  • That God would be bringing new people into the body to meet specific needs that can’t be met today, or people whose needs we can uniquely meet.

 Women’s Ministry

  • That our team would continue to work well together and to stay healthy (physically & emotionally) so we can serve the women’s ministry at our church.
  • That the women of journey would feel encouraged, engaged and included with each other through our events & times together.


  • Discernment around implementation of the plan for missions (and the time/energy to follow through)
  • Strong response from the congregation when provided with opportunities to participate in missions-related activities (e.g. enthusiastic attitude, high numbers who volunteer/participate)
  • Development of a missions mindset (that this would be the general orientation of the church, rather than an add-on to core purpose)


  • Camp: Please pray that the Holy Spirit will direct the teaching for the week of camp and will open opportunities for one-on-one conversations and spiritual connections. Pray that our leaders will create space and time to listen well and that God will be preparing the students’ hearts to encounter Him.
  • Summer: Summer is a well-deserved break for our students, but all that free time can pose challenges as well. Please pray that our students will use summer well—finding rest, relaxation, and time with the Lord and their families, and pray that God will protect them from any destructive distractions that can creep into their lives in this down time.
  • Leaders: Please pray for all those working with our youth— that we would see with God’s vision, that we would focus on students’ hearts and needs, not numbers or programs, and that we would be able to find the rest and quietness needed to encounter God in our own lives.

Pastoral Care:

  • For a new concern and purpose to take the gospel out into our community.

 Pastor Search Committee

  • Wisdom and discernment as they sift through candidate applications and conduct interviews
  • Clear agreement around God’s choice

Thanks to everyone for your participation!!!