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Change Our Hearts Today

I would love nothing more than to see revival in Tacoma, and “Change Our Hearts Today” is my flat-out reach for revival song. Here’s a link to a version of the song my son and I recently recorded at church. If you’d like to play along you can download the lead sheet!

I regularly read about revivals. Two of the most well-known occurred in the early 20th century (Wales and then Azusa Street) but there are many lesser known moves of God – some even happening today. They are all preceded by three things: prayer asking for revival, confession of sin and repentance.

You might wonder why I would talk revival at a time where, with social distancing, we aren’t allowed to come together in large groups. This is the perfect time to talk about preparing for what God is going to do. Many distractions have been removed from our lives. It is time to dig into the Word. It is time to pray. It is time to ask. It is time to confess and repent. Let him prepare your hearts now for the work He has in store for you. Let Him build your strength and endurance now so that you can work through the harvest.

“Change Our Hearts Today” is my response to my most recent batch of revival readings. The main repeated line is based on one of my most common prayers for our church, “Help us be Your people.” While I’m often thinking about revival when I ask that, that prayer is applicable to any church in any situation, and it usually makes me think of the scene in Mark 9 where the man brings his son to Jesus for healing and professes, “I do believe; help my unbelief!”

We who claim to be His people should regularly ask Him to help us to be His people. Because we aren’t perfect, to truly represent our perfect King is beyond us. We need His help. If we keep our eyes on Him and actually do what He is asking us to do today He trusts us with more. If we stick with it for years, eventually we look around and realize that He has made us into something much better than we were when we first started our walk. That is a healthy Christian trajectory. If we persist with it we will see results.

On the flip side, sometimes we are only being His people in name. We don’t do the things that He asks, or we fall backward into sin. If that’s you right now, don’t give up. This is what confession and repentance are for. Jesus says, “I stand at the door and knock. If ANYONE hears my voice I will come in and eat with him…” (Rev 3:20) . Answer the door. Confess your heart, repent of your sins. Join with Christ today.

We should seek to be His people in both name and action. He is our leader. If we are lacking in anything in regard to His Kingdom work, we merely “have not because we ask not.” (James 4:2-3) One of the best ways to ensure that we are regularly asking for things that we should be asking for is to sing them.


Why We Sing It:

  • We sing it to legitimately request that God make us His people.
  • We sing it to encourage our members to confess and repent.
  • We sing it to remind people that wealth and worldly strength or power will not help us in this struggle, but prayer and humility are two of our biggest weapons.



Help us be your people Lord
Help us walk Your Way
Help us be Your people Lord
Change our hearts today

The Devil doesn’t fear a rich man
He might even call him friend
The Devil doesn’t fear a strong man
Who could never be as strong as him
But the Devil fears the humble
And he fears a church that prays
Confess your heart, repent of your sins
Join with Christ today