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Lord Plant Your Seeds

Head to YouTube to sing along with my son and I performing this song (before the shelter in place order) . Play along using the lead sheet!

Lord Plant Your Seeds was written a few years ago when our head pastor at the time was going through a series on Galatians. I was reading ahead, planning the worship sets when I hit Galatians 6.

Journey had recently endured a time of rocky transition that was highlighted by some harsher than necessary arguments rising out of opposing camps, and it was affecting me deeply. Reading words that encourage us to correct people with gentleness and to carry one another’s burdens soothed my soul like aloe on a burn wound. The call to not grow weary because we will reap a harvest if we do not give up breathed new life into my weary ministry.

In the NLT, Hosea 10:12 reads, “Plant the good seeds of righteousness and you will harvest a crop of love.” Considering our harvest at that time, I knew a course correction was in order. How do we correct with gentleness? How do we carry one another’s burdens? How do we not grow weary? How do we plant righteousness so that the quality of our harvest improves?

The answer is to look to the example of Jesus. He didn’t turn anybody away, but even more than that, He went out of His way to meet with people who seemed to be inconsequential and gave them large chunks of His time (think of the woman at the well). He allowed people to make requests and met their needs. His actions often confused the people closest to Him (the disciples, his family) and He did it all while not seeking out and sometimes rebuking the power brokers of His day. He was completely engaged with the people around Him and totally set on the purpose of the Kingdom of Heaven.

How does this apply to our current state? We are sheltering in place. Many of us have been knocked off course by this pandemic. If you haven’t already, take some time to examine this (hopefully) unique opportunity. Engage with people around you: your family and/or housemates; the people who live on your block; the members of your Journey family. How can you go to them gently? How can you carry their burdens?

Let the Lord plant His seeds in the soil of your hearts. In time those seeds will sprout and, if we do not grow weary, we will reap a harvest.


Lyrics: Lord Plant Your Seeds

Lord plant Your seeds in the soil of our hearts
Where we’ve been forgiven
Lord plant Your seeds in the soil of our hearts
Help us bear fruit from Heaven

For the good of Your people
For the sake of Your Kingdom
For the life everlasting
Raise us up
Form us into Your body
Fill us full of Your Spirit
Make us shine with Your light of love

Help us go to theme gently
Help us carry their burdens
Help us not become weary
The harvest is near