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Men’s Prayer

Men’s Prayer (“MP”) – Russell Ludwig and JD Fitz are partnering to offer 2 different times for men to be able to come and pray at Journey Church – for the church and its people, children, and ministries, as well as for Tacoma, for the country and for ourselves as men seeking to be godly husbands, fathers and leaders in our communities.  We foresee these times as opportunities for personal growth in prayer.  We also see them lasting as long as the spirit leads us to continue in prayer, which at first might be pretty brief. In order to facilitate maximum availability, we’ll be offering two times. Monday evenings at 7:00pm and Tuesday mornings at 6:30am. Pick a time that works for you. Furthermore, this is intended as a time of prayer, so no preparation is required. There isn’t a study to accompany so if you miss a week for whatever reason… no big deal. You won’t be left behind.

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