Following Jesus – Making Disciples – Changing the World

Partnership Class

The makers of everything from sewing thread to the giant hawsers that tie ships to the dock know that multiple strands braided together make a stronger rope*.  That is what “partnership” is at Journey. It is the braiding together of commitment to one another, of our shared passion for the mission we are engaged in, and of our love for Lord. That partnership makes us stronger and more effective in serving the Lord.

It is for that reason we invite all who would join us to enter into “partnership.” Here’s the process:

  1. Get to know who we are. What is Journey Community Church all about? Journey is a part of an alliance of churches called the Christian and Missionary Alliance, so what is that all about? What do we believe? What are Journey’s goals and values?
  2. Tell us about yourself. What has your journey been from faith in Jesus to the place where you are right now? What is your passion?
  3. Then if you find us like minded and one in our mutual desire to serve the Lord Jesus, make a commitment to join with us.

The “Partnership Class is two sessions of getting to know one another. The basic information is in the Pathway to Partnership guide which you can pick up at the little library in the entryway or from the pastor. But the value of the class goes beyond information. The value is the bonding between people who are determined to walk with the Lord through this life and to do so together.

If that is your desire, please join us. We need you, and you need us in the journey.

*That is one of the proverbs. See Ecclesiastes 4:12.