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    Life is an adventure itself which presents us with twists and turns at each corner of life. But what if we have ever had adventure trip that gives the authentic thrill and takes into a whole new world of emotion? High peaks and hills, captivating rivers, breathtaking rivers and getting familiar with wild animals, India is bestowed with some of the best Adventure travelers Ideas that are worth experiencing. Be it the northern India or southern part of India; travelers have a plethora of prominent Adventure travelers Ideas to explore. When we think of trying river adventure, Rishikesh stands out in the league.

    It is the capital of river rafting in India, where the holy Ganga River flows, offering the speed of is the best experience one can have. Further more touching the fast flowing water of Ganges gives exciting, adventurous sports. During rafting on this holy river, you can experience the scintillating views of majestic, covered with lush green Himalayas.Accompanied by professional rafters, who will guide you towards the safe rafting experience. Experience the walk over the frozen river by facing various challenges is the thrilling experience which one can have here in this region. Opened only during the winter season, i.e., January- February, the trek takes residence at the Zanskar River which gets freezes and gets covered with the thick layer of snow. During the trek, one can relish the canyon shape valleys bestowed with the thick blanket of snow.

    If underline trekking is your favorite thing, then Roopkund Trek is the best destination you should favor. A further point to be noticed is that you should not miss the “Lake of Mysteries” which can be reached by crossing highlands of forests and flowing Brooks. One of the exciting parts of this trek is the “Mystery Lake,” also known as Roopkund Lake which is at the height of 15500 feet above the sea level and is the home of hundred skeletons. Imagine riding your bike over the valleys and never ending road, and the path giving you the majestic view of the snow packed mountain. Isn’t this a pleasant experience A bike trip to Himalayan region offers the high dose of adrenaline experience. The is a chance to explore the journey of various hallucinating places.

    Stopover in sapphire lakes, valley mountains, drink a hot tea at the tape of this region. The delicate breeze of this route has something magical that makes bikers go beyond their capacity. The bike trek usually begins from Manali, a delightful town on the banks of Beas River and will continue to high-street routes including Khardungla pass, known as world’s most high motorbike street. Skiing is the best adventure activity you can do in Gulmarg, J&K. For those who love adrenaline enthusiasts, skiing is what you can experience. The ski hill in Gulmarg is serviced by Gondola where the lift tips are about 4,000m with the peak of Mt. Apharwat.

    The ski terrain is extensive offering alpine, chutes, cornices and glacier skiing. If you’re an expert ski rider, then it will be the most thrilling experience for you to remember l iPhone. Do you want to know what makes paragliding at Bir-Billing Valley so special? Bir-Billing is established in Palampur district of Himachal Pradesh and offers an excellent adventurous activity of paragliding. Then the fact that this area has hosted the first ever World Cup of paragliding in the world gives you all the answers. The incredible altitude and climate of this region make it perfect fit for any airborne gliding sports.

    Furthermore, the region also has best takeoff and landing sites, according to the air current and perfect cloud base. While in Goa, you cannot afford to miss the Banana Surfing which is the most remarkable water adventure sport in Goa. Challenge yourself by surfing in the unsullied waves of Goa beaches by relaxing on the Banana surfs. If this is your first-time, then you should be easy-to-follow directions of surf experts. Acquire the skills and get on to the boards for battle against the lashing water of beaches in Goa. One of the charming things about Dudhsagar trek in Goa is the waterfalls that literally takes your breath away.

    Munnar offers enchanting elegance and zigzag roads providing the best view of lush green hills and perfect conditions for cycling. Get the bird’s-eye view of Bangalore by sitting inside the aircraft as co-pilot. That is your chance to get the fantasy of soaring with the refreshing experience.Furthermore flying high as high as 4000ft, two people can enjoy sitting inside of flight. So finally, our article on “ Top 10 best Adventure travelers Ideas in India ” ends here. Hope it will help you to explore further far enough and will not allow this season to Keep You Aloof from best Adventure travelers Ideas. Note – If you are planning your trip to India then you can book best of our India Holiday, Vacations, and Tour Packages here Acchajee Travels. Top 12 Indian destinations to explore from January till December. The Author has not filled his profile.

    Aptly known as the "Queen of the Beaches", Goa is a tourist paradise offering pleasure in plenty. Tourists from across the world flock to this destination to enjoy their holidays to its fullest. Whether you want to relax in a peaceful ambiance, want to party or love to indulge in adventure sports, Goan beaches offer all the options. Catering to different choices of tourists, Goa offers different categories of beaches such as Crowded Beaches, Adventure Beaches, Party Beaches and Isolated Beaches. Some of the famous beaches are Anjuna, Aonda, Mabor, Arambol, Paula, Benalium and the list seems to be endless.

    When we talk of beaches, how can we forget adventure sports. You can enjoy several adventure sports at Goa beaches such as sailing, para-sailing, wind surfing, scuba-diving, cursing, jet-skiing, water skiing, snorkeling, trekking, hiking and golfing. Apart from overwhelming beaches, Goa has a lot more to offer. There are beautiful churches here, which have been included in the World Heritage Site list by UNESCO. Built in typical Hindu architectural style, the temples here are one of its attractions. Celebrated in February every year, Goa Carnival is one of the most enchanting attractions of the state. Dedicated to feasting, celebration and fun, the Carnival attracts many a tourist from far and wide. The happening nightlife of Goa deserves mention. The pubs and restaurants here remain open till late nights. Parties dedicated to different themes are a special feature of the nightlife.

    Travel giants TUI are investigating a holidaymaker’s claims she spent two weeks in India bite-free – only to be eaten alive on her flight home in a ‘bug infested’ plane seat. Jane Nash returned from a fortnight away aboard a Boeing Dreamliner on November 5, but felt ‘uncomfortable’ in her seat throughout the ten-hour flight from Goa – and believes it was ‘infested by bed bugs or biting gnats’. The 59-year-old retired IT worker says she descended into ‘hell’ when she woke up later that evening to find herself covered in red bites over her legs, armpits and back. After immediately complaining to the holiday company directly, the mother-of-two has slammed TUI, formerly known as Thomson, for their ‘lack of cleanliness’ aboard their aircraft and ‘inadequate’ customer services.

    best hotels in goa come barely a month after 38-year-old Heather Szilagyi claimed she and her daughter were ‘bitten by bed bugs’ on a British Airways Flight. TUI confirmed they were thoroughly investigating Ms Nash’s claims, including trying to establish the nature of the bites, but explained they have a ‘robust cleaning and inspection programme’. Ms Nash, who lives near Tring, Herts, said: ‘It was just hellish. I did feel uncomfortable on the plane, but then again everybody feels uncomfortable on a plane. I just remember waking up at 3am the following morning and feeling itchy. I know that it must have been the seat because I felt fine during the two weeks I was on holiday.

    Share ‘When we get back from holidays we often go down to the pub but this time my husband Tony went on his own. I just went to bed that night and I just remember feeling so itchy all over and those red spots had come up. I had jean shorts on and I think the bugs must have climbed up the backs of my legs – they must have been stealthy. It must have been that seat because I can’t think of anything else that could have done it. I was drinking wine and perhaps the insects may have been attracted to the alcohol.

    I was fine for two weeks in the hotel and then after a ten-hour flight I get bites? Ms Nash woke up at 3am at her home near Tring, Herts, feeling itchy. She said: ‘I know that it must have been the seat because I felt fine during the two weeks I was on holiday’. Despite feeling fine after disembarking at Gatwick, Ms Nash only began feeling the alleged insect bites later that evening in bed. Ms Nash says she doesn’t want any compensation from TUI, just the recognition that they’ll check the planes and make sure they are properly cleaned. She said: ‘I really don’t want any money.

    I just want them to check the aircraft. I think there are systemic problems with aircraft cleanliness. They should just be doing more regular checks. I want them to use a better complaint’s service aswell. I got the standard automated "we’ll reply in 28 days" response. All I’m thinking is that in the 28 days it’s taking them to respond there’s 28 days’ worth of planes in the sky probably having the same problem. It’s just unbelievable. I contacted them and it’s a "computer says no" response. Ms Nash said: ‘I have to say I have no complaints about the staff on board the flight, and I had a lovely holiday.

    A TUI spokesperson said: ‘We were very concerned to hear of the reports from Mrs Nash regarding her flight from Goa to London Gatwick. We have started a full and through investigation, which will include trying to determine the nature of these bites for which we will require supporting medical evidence. Since this was only reported to us a couple of days ago, the investigation is still underway and as such we wouldn’t want to comment further at this stage. We are however disappointed not to have been granted an opportunity to complete our assessments and to be able to successfully resolve the situation directly with our customer. We are in contact with Mrs Nash.

    Let’s have a glimpse at the Indian Medical Infrastructure & Industry. India attracts medical tourists mainly because of its highly-skilled doctors, lower costs for treatments and high-level healthcare infrastructure. The number of doctors in India having expertise and specialisation in health care servicing is more compared to other Asian countries. India has several hospitals having international and national accreditation like Joint Commission International (JCI), National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH). India’s history of medical service: Ayurveda, an ancient system of medical treatment involving herbs provides cures even for diseases that modern medications don’t. Susruta, an Indian physician in 600 BCE, was a practitioner of Ayurveda and he is regarded as the first plastic surgeon of the world.

    Siddha an another ancient medical science followed across India. Where several Siddhars (ancient medical practitioners) have written and practiced advanced medical treatments which can even cure Cancer. Naturopathy, Unani and Homeopathy are some other traditional medical options famous in India. Apart from high-quality medical treatments provided, India is a hub for wellness tourism too. It has a wide range of health-focused resorts and hotels, yoga centers, spas, Ayurveda and Siddha therapies. As far as the Hospitality is concerned, India gives special importance for foreign medical travelers. Most of the hospitals have dedicated hospital beds for foreign nationals. The government have even lifted the visa restrictions for people who travel for medical reasons.

    What are the medical treatments famous in India? Some of the popular medical treatments sought in India by medical tourists are cardiac bypass surgery, bone-marrow transplant, eye surgery, hip resurfacing and orthopedic surgery. Indian hospital offer medical packages too for these categories – Dental care, Cosmetic surgery, ENT Care, Neuro Surgery, Eye Care, Oncology, Heart surgery, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Orthopedic surgery, Genitourinary Care, Pediatrics and Health Check-ups. Where in India are these medical treatments available? Chennai (capital of Tamil Nadu), is known as India’s health capital for its highly-trained doctors and best quality hospitals. Chennai gets 45% of the foreign medical tourists in India.

    Mumbai (capital of Maharashtra), besides being known as the financial capital of India, it is a fast-growing medical hub in India. It has best hospitals for dentistry, cosmetic surgery, orthopaedic treatment, pregnancy treatment and so on. Ahmadabad (city in Gujarat), is a fast-growing medical hub in India. It is famous for Cardiology, Homeopathy, Yoga and other traditional medical treatments. Goa (city in Maharashtra), is also called as the vacation destination in India. Goa attracts many foreigners seeking medical treatments. New Delhi (capital of India), is famous for its medical packages such as Heart Surgery, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology and other general surgeries. On an average, the cost savings for treatments ranges from 60-90 %. India is famous for its Dental treatments with 90% savings. Apart from this, other treatments like hip replacement and spinal fusion is also a major cost-saver in India.

    The availability of advanced technologies has been an important factor for medical tourists to choose India. The internationally recognized hospitals in India have invested a lot in the supportive technologies needed for medical treatments. Several state services like Cardiac surgeries, provides of the art equipment have been installed in hospitals which Neuro surgeries, cancer cure and all other complicated treatments. India maintains its high-end healthcare system with 22 hospitals having JCI accreditation, which is a good number on a global scale. India has the largest number of doctors and paramedics – 3.37 million. Many have established their world-class credibility. With 50,000 doctors graduating each year, the competition for best quality has risen.

    There is little to no wait-time for medical treatments in India, as hospitals have dedicated beds for medical tourists. Visa can be got on arrival, the option available for people from 180 countries. Among other medical tourism destinations, India has the largest number of English-speaking citizens. So there is travelers for people who travel for fertility treatments. Sperm and egg donations are considered illegal in some countries are available in India for foreign less language barrier. The hospitals even have translators for the convenience of medical tourists. India also offers leisure tourism as an add-on to medical tourism. Some of the popular attractions in India are Taj Mahal in Agra, ancient monuments in Tamil Nadu, backwaters in Kerala, beaches in Goa, Rajasthan is famous for textile and Himalayas have been the first choice for the hikers. All these factors have contributed to the flourishing medical industry in India.

    Superclubs and fishbowls are being phased out by holiday company Thomson as it launches a new range of holidays aimed at young travellers who want a more classy trip abroad. Thomson Scene is aimed at 18-35-year-olds keen something more sophisticated than boozing up and baking on the beach, and will eventually replace their current 2wenty concept. We are aiming at a young person who is, typically about two years into a new job, perhaps working in London and enthusiastic about trendy hotels,’ said David Burling, UK and Ireland managing director for Thomson’s parent company Tui UK. The portfolio will be separated into ‘Scene Hub’ for the younger end of the spectrum with more affordable hotels in popular destinations, and ‘Scene Style’, for the more cashed-up travellers who want more trendy accommodation.

    Now that’s a high fryer! Share The move is a departure from the large, uniform, all-inclusive style hotels that are often offered as part of the company’s portfolio for younger travellers. The Club 18-30 concept was actually created by Thomas Cook, but has equivalents at various tour operators, such as the 2wenty concept from Thomson, which is being phased out in favour of Thomson Scene. Young Britons’ lurid behaviour in resort havens such as Spain’s Magaluf was highlighted last summer with cheap dorm accommodation and even cheaper alcohol on the menu for most. Thomson is aiming at the market who wants more from their holiday with their packages now set to include the Greek resorts of Santorini and Mykonos along with Croatia for short-haul trips. Long-haul destinations will include Thailand, Goa in India and Cancun in Mexico. Despite the rebranding Thomson continues to supply holidays for 18 to 35-year-olds to party-scene hotspots like Ibiza and Corfu and in total is providing breaks in 86 hotels in 34 resorts in 20 destinations. The company’s announcement came in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana where travel association Abta is holding its annual convention. An Abta survey released today showed that three per cent of UK men had been on an overseas stag-party event, with men preferring city breaks for their stag dos while women opted for beach destinations for their overseas hen parties.

    Enriched with the stretches of valleys and mountain lakes, hill stations, glaciers, rivers, passes, plains, plateaus, hill torrents, streams, brooks, the tourist destination of Kashmir, India is called the ‘Heaven on Earth’. Darjeeling, which is situated in the state of West Bengal, India, is called the ‘Queen of Hill Stations of India’. Also famous as one of most magical lands on earth, this honeymoon destination has the charms of rolling hills against the mount Kanchenjungha, tranquil tea plantations, the toy train, charming hill tops, elegant monasteries. The main tourist attractions of this place famous among honeymooners are Ghoom Monastery, Mirik, Senchal Lake, Dhirdham Temple, Bhutia Busty Gompa, Aloobari Gompa, Batasia Loop, Passenger Ropeway, Kurseong, Tiger Hill. The Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, which is one of the most enchanting and charming areas of northern India, is also called the ‘Land of Gods’ or ‘Dev Bhoomi’.

    Have you explored it yet? GOA is a destination of beaches. Explore till you get your peace and your favourite spot. Discover the ones, which have not been explored by many. Best way to reach is via boat ride from Paloeum beach. Calm peaceful with no disturbance away from the hustle bustle. Tiger – Located in South Goa. It is one of the most isolated beaches in Goa and truly a wild one. Taking a stroll with your loved one on the soft white sand is a delight here. Fresh breeze hitting the rocks, sea looking at you with all the brightness and shine is breathtaking. Ferry from Kola beach can be rented to take you there. TIP: carry your snacks and water and other important items.

    Hollant – This beach is a delight for travellers. It’s a great beach to go for nice swim unlike the others in Goa. Enjoy a swim and get your perfect tan here. It’s well connected and can be reached in your scooty or car from Vasco. Good cafes and hotel are around. Betul – is a secluded beach and picturesque. The stunning side of the Mobor peninsula is around the Betul hills giving a spectacular view. It’s a great place to do some fishing the goan style. Trust me worth an experience. Cola – A romantic beach, it’s mesmerising and magical at the same time.

    It feels the sea is begging you to visit again and again. The beauty of the beach is the river flows very close to the beach. Highly recommended. Take a ride from Palolem- Cancona to reach here. Arambol – It’s a non-crowded beach unlike the Baga and Candolium beaches. Away in the extreme North Goa this beach is located. You can take a long walk by the seaside. Heavenly isn’t it. Arambol takes care of the basic amenities from food to shacks and if you want to relax, then get a nice massage done by the sea. Morjim – is the now called: Mini Russia, as lot of Russians prefer this beach. This beach gives bird enthusiasts a reason to keep coming back again and again.

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