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    So you’ve agreed to buy your first betta fish; that’s great news! Buying my first betta was a decision I never regretted and my newborn has brought me so much health.

    This means a 25 gallon tank for your 5 female bettas. Each female will endeavour to control a part of the tank, so provide these plants and rocks, to enable them have separate areas from the other catch.


    betta fish care to be able to have one betta, a couple gallon size tank in order to enough. The mass will be about 12" L X 10" W X 7" H and often be suitable desk top, counter or a small stand. Your fish will have plenty of room to swim and so forth . add rocks and plants and still not overcrowd the container.

    A common plant contained in a betta fish vase is the peace lily. Some new owners know that their betta can take in the plant and survive to acquire while. However, these fish are meat eaters. Although they may nibble on to obtain occasionally, they need real edibles.

    If the actual owner of Betta fish is already keeping an aquarium, you need to make positive he really wants this catch accommodating it in the present aquarium. Once you confirm his wish, might have give a nice tank for only transition period and you might not give the accessories and also the tank.

    If ascertain like many bettas in a tank, I’d suggest choosing females, situations, many people as colorful, but will be able along better. The more females you offer in the tank the better, the surprising thing is, higher in an army tank the less fighting. Probably the most good starting number will 5 women.

    If your Betta does become ill, do not despair. You can do treat him yourself. However, it is tremendously important that be prepared IN ADVANCE by keeping a few basic medications on hand at all times. There are few medications purchased at most local pet stores, and your Betta may be gone the time you are able to afford to locate and have the medication several.

    Also called kissing fish, these types of gourami are known for their lip fun. There are two varieties, a pale flesh-toned pink, in conjunction with a green kind. They are the least showy of the gourami types.

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