Following Jesus – Making Disciples – Changing the World

Ministry Opportunities

As we prepare to reopen soon there are a couple areas that have immediate needs for people to begin serving.

Below are descriptions of each opportunity and boxes to check to show your interest.

Ministry Opportunity: Greeter
Description: Being good hosts through friendly interaction with guests. Being good neighbors by leading guests through COVID safety protocols.

How Greeters show love and help others to show love: 

  • Attend Greeter Training (to be announced).
  • Arrive at the church 20 minutes before service to pray and strategize with other greeters.
  • Wear masks on site (gloves, as needed).
  • Welcome guests in a way that puts them at ease.
  • Politely lead guests through safety protocols.
  • Implement safety protocols:
    • Administer hand sanitizer
    • Provide masks (to those who don’t bring them; Journey has these on site)
    • Provide temperature checks (touch-less thermometer provided).

Ministry Opportunity: Clean Team member

Description: Cleaning and sanitizing the church so that Journey can safely host people for the worship of the Lord.

How Clean Team members show love and help Journey to show love: 

  • Attend Clean Team Training (to be announced).
  • Arrive at the church by 8:30 to sanitize the church in preparation for 10am worship service. Sanitize church after church service (NOTE: With enough volunteers, we will be able to have two separate teams handling pre-service and post-service cleaning.).
  • Wear masks and gloves while cleaning (provided).
  • Clean and sanitize “high-touch” areas.
  • Clean and sanitize bathrooms.

Ministry Opportunity: Stream Team

Description: Helping with the Live Stream of our Worship Service

If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of becoming a YouTuber this is a great opportunity to learn as part of a team. As you volunteer with our team, you’ll not only provide us with some much-needed help, you’ll also be picking up real life skills that could lead to a whole new career.