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Our Missions Plan

July 2018

Journey Missions Plan

 Purpose/Goal of Missions: To reach out and engage with our neighbors, both locally and globally, in order to demonstrate the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Vision (What it looks like if we are accomplishing our stated purpose):

General Evangelism

  • Prayer for people who don’t know Jesus is a regular part of church life; it is integrated into worship services, small groups, and all other ministries
  • People are regularly coming to Christ through the influence of Journey members and the work of the church

Local Outreach

  • Residents in the North End and adjacent areas of Tacoma know that Journey exists and believe that the congregation cares about the needs of people in the local community
  • People from all backgrounds are welcome and accepted at Journey, including those struggling with issues we may not fully understand.

Global Partnership

  • The majority of the congregation knows about the Great Commission Fund and supports C&MA missionaries through prayer or financial giving
  • People at Journey have multiple opportunities to participate in global mission work, either through short-term mission trips or by supporting others who are personally involved in projects

Strategy (for Accomplishing Purpose and Vision):

1)  Recognize that people serve in different ways: Offer a range of opportunities for involvement in both local and global outreach

  1. Hospitality: Activities/events that are done at the church; typically require people to “come to us,” rather than us going out in the community. Good choice for those who like to serve in the role of host/hostess, have physical/mobility restrictions, or who are not comfortable stepping out and engaging people in new environments.
  2. Support: Activities that indirectly assist with outreach efforts or activities, such as financial giving, donations of goods/services, prayer support, etc. Essential for success of outreach efforts, but they don’t require actual participation in a hands-on activity or engagement with the people we are trying to reach.
  3. Hands-On Action: Activities that directly engage or impact people outside of the church and involve going out into the community to serve.

2)  Maximize existing resources: Deacons overseeing the area of missions will work collaboratively with elders, deacons, and other ministry leaders to coordinate missions-related activities that fulfill multiple church goals or that could be deployed through existing forums (small groups, women’s/men’s ministries, youth programming, etc.)

  1. Stay informed about what is going on in other ministry areas of the church (read leadership board minutes and Journey Weekly, listen to announcements, etc.)
  2. Proactively reach out to other ministry leaders to jointly plan events/activities that fit with the purpose and strategy of missions

3)  Reinforce the congregation’s current passions and involvement: Support the local and international missions work that is already happening through individuals at Journey or the church as a whole

  1. Offer opportunities for individuals/groups in the church to talk about their involvement and invite others to participate in the work (e.g. missions night, Sunday services, etc.)
  2. Administer an annual survey to get input from the congregation

4) Be open to partnership opportunities with other churches or nonprofit organizations: Multiply the impact of our work by joining with others who are serving the local or international community

  1. Reach out and/or respond to other C&MA churches in the area who are interested in combining efforts (e.g. Fox Island, Anchor, Lighthouse)
  2. Renew or develop relationships with faith-based organizations that can help us to reach more people (e.g. The Rescue Mission—individuals/families experiencing homelessness,  world Relief—immigrants and refugees at the Tacoma NW Detention Center)

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