Following Jesus – Making Disciples – Changing the World

In the fall of 2004, Journey Community Church was planted in the Proctor District of North Tacoma as a result of prayerful consideration by Fox Island and Lighthouse Alliance Churches in conjunction with Alliance Northwest District.  Journey was formed with a conviction that the Bible is our supreme guide to discovering God, following Jesus and for spreading the good news to all in Tacoma.

God worked.  Byron & Julie O’Neill from 2004 – 2011 pastored Journey at Mason Middle School.  Journey experienced spiritual growth and witnessed many decisions for Christ.  Our Associate Pastor, Larry Sundin, served Journey for 5 years including one year as interim pastor following Byron’s departure.  In August 2012, Cade and Sandi Christensen began their five years of service with Journey.  A focus on biblical teaching, continued with emphasis on making disciples through teaching in the “Basics of the Faith”.

In 2016, Journey was blessed by the gift of an existing church building a few miles from the middle school. Through generous financial support from the congregation as well as The Alliance and much hard work from the church body, renovations were made and our official launch service was held on Easter 2017.

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