Following Jesus – Making Disciples – Changing the World

Walking the Text in Turkey

“Walking the Text in Turkey: Loving God & People as a Counter Cultural Community” – There is nothing like actually visiting New Testament places to make the story of Christianity come alive!  Ken & Jeanie Schneider share about the faith-lessons they learned while walking in the steps of Paul and other first century believers in Turkey.

Wake Up Call

(Luke 12:35-13:9) – Ever been surprised by an unexpected guest?  Well, there’s no ‘guest’ more important for us to be ready to welcome than the Lord Jesus when He comes back to earth.  As disciples, we want to be found ready, faithful, on fire for Him when he comes!

Life Beyond Greed & Worry

(Luke 12:13-34) –  “Greed” (the pursuit of ‘more’ earthly luxuries) and “Worry” (the preoccupation with ‘enough’ daily necessities) dominates much of our lives.   Yet, Jesus teaches that our lives are meant for so much more! Instead of ‘storing up’ or ‘stressing out’ about stuff, He calls us to seek first His Kingdom and trust the Father’s provision for His children.

Choosing Faith Over Fear

(Luke 12:4-12) Do we trust and reverence God more than we fear the opinion & opposition of people?  The answer we give to that question  has huge ramifications for our faith!  Jesus modeled for us a life that consistently chose faith over fear – and He call us as His disciples to do the same.

The Sign That Settles It!

(Luke 11:29-36) – Are you looking for ‘a sign from heaven’ in order to believe in Jesus?  Look no further.  God gave us the ultimate ‘sign’ when Jesus rose from the dead.  This is a great proof and power source for faith.  It’s also a great privilege to which we must not close our eyes.

The Ministry of Intercession

(Matthew 6:9-13)(John 17) – The prayer life that Jesus models for us is one that emphasizes prayer not just for our own needs, but also for the needs of others.  Our prayers of intercession for others go up like incense before the Lord, and kindle heaven’s fire upon earth!  

Experiencing & Extending Forgiveness

(Matthew 6:12) – We all know what it’s like to need forgiveness.  Our many misdeeds weigh heavily upon us like a debt that is far beyond our ability to pay.  Yet, Christ came to pay our debt and bring us forgiveness!  In prayer, we express our need for forgiveness, experience the Lord’s deep & daily cleansing, and are empowered to extend forgiveness to others.