Following Jesus – Making Disciples – Changing the World

A Certain Savior (Part Two)

In this study of the Gospel of Luke, we’re learning about the life & ministry of Jesus Christ – the ‘Certain Savior.’ Each week as we study, we’re discovering more about the One who loves us beyond limits, has power to help us beyond our weaknesses, and who came personally to deliver us from the sin and brokenness that dominate both our lives and world. Luke wrote so we could “know for sure” that Jesus is the Savior for all who believe!

Being Found

(Luke 15) We all know what it’s like to try and ‘find’ ourselves, yet fail to do so.  Whether we’ve searched ‘outside ourselves’ for fulfillment or ‘inside ourselves’ for meaning and worth, we’ve continually come up empty.  But Jesus teaches us about the God who loves us and is searching for us!  He invites us to ‘be found’ by Him…and that makes all the difference!

Above All

(Luke 14:25-35) –  The entrance of Jesus into this world and into our lives demands a response from each and every one of us.  As the Lord himself teaches us, we are called to place Jesus “Above All.”

A Tale of Two Banquets

(Luke 14:1-24) – Jesus knows all about what it means to attend and host a great banquet.  And He reminds us not to settle for the so called ‘banquet’ that this world offers, when God is preparing a ‘kingdom feast’ that is beyond comparison!  The invitation has gone out….  The question for us is, ‘Will we be attending?’