Following Jesus – Making Disciples – Changing the World

A Certain Savior (Part One)

In this study of the Gospel of Luke, we’re learning about the life & ministry of Jesus Christ – the ‘Certain Savior.’ Each week as we study, we’re discovering more about the One who loves us beyond limits, has power to help us beyond our weaknesses, and who came personally to deliver us from the sin and brokenness that dominate both our lives and world. Luke wrote so we could “know for sure” that Jesus is the Savior for all who believe!

The One Thing

(Luke 10:38-42) We all know how many things occupy our minds and fight for our attention each day. Jesus shows us how, when faced with the temptation to worry about so many things, we can refocus on the ‘one thing’ our restless hearts & souls need the most!

For the Love of God and Neighbor

(Luke 10:25-37) – We all know we’re supposed to love others.  But, what does this mean when it comes to our interacting with other people – especially “those people?”  Jesus shows us what it means to love beyond the limits and dividing lines of this world.

Lessons from the Mission Field

(Luke 10:1-24) – Jesus is the model missionary; and he calls each of us as his followers to embrace a missionary way of life as well.  To do so, requires learning some important lessons about who we are in Christ, and how He has called us to minister to others in His name.

So Loved!

(Luke 9:51-62) – As Jesus’ earthly ministry neared its end, He resolutely set out for Jerusalem and the impending reality of the cross.  And He did so because of His love for us!  He so loves us that He would rather die in our place than see us separated from Him!  How will we respond to such a resolute, patient and summoning love?

The Least is the Greatest

(Luke 9:44-50) – How do we measure “greatness?”  Most of us probably think of greatness in terms of power, fame, wealth, stature or influence; and we spend all too much time & effort posturing and comparing ourselves to others.  Yet, Jesus shows us that the path of true greatness lies in humble and selfless service.

Amazed at the Grace of God

(Luke 9:37-43) – We all know what it is like to enjoy “mountaintop experiences” in life.  We also know what it is to face “valleys.”  But the saving & transforming grace of God is not limited by our “highs” and “lows.”  The Lord touches us on the highest mountains and reaches us in the deepest valleys.

Living with Kingdom Clarity

(Luke 9:27-43) – If there’s ever been a time when we need to be crystal clear about WHO Jesus is, WHAT He has done for us, and WHY listening to what He says really matters, this is it! Listen to learn from God’s Word about experiencing a spiritual “Wake-Up Call.”

The Jesus Question

(Luke 9:18-27) – We all have to answer significant questions in life.  The answers we give to questions like ‘What career will I pursue? Who will I marry?’ and ‘Where will I choose to live?’ are important.  Yet, the answer we give to the ‘Jesus Question’ is the most important of all.  It literally determines our eternal destiny!

In Jesus’ Hands

(Luke 9:1-17) – We all face situations in which our limited abilities and resources are far overshadowed by the vast needs around us in this broken world.  Yet, when we place the little we have into the hands of Jesus, he is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine!

Mighty to Heal

(Luke 8:40-56) – The good news of the Gospel is that, through his death & resurrection, Jesus has not only paid sin’s penalty for us, he has also broken sin’s power over us.  As a result, when we look to the Lord in faith, we’ll find that he is not only mighty to save, but also mighty to heal!