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The Challenge of Jesus - The Gospel of Mark

The Challenge of Tradition

Stale. Stodgy. Irrelevant. These are words we normally associate with TRADITION. But this is not quite right. Traditions are not the problem. Traditionalism is. Come sit at the feet of Jesus and learn the crucial difference between the two. Greater alignment with God’s Word and a better understanding of our hearts awaits! Open your Bibles…

The Challenge of Understanding

The Lord blesses us in ways that move us to awe and wonder. He also takes us beyond awe and wonder to deepen our discipleship in Christ. Tune in to “The Challenge of Understanding” to see how the Lord takes us to new levels in Christ through amazement with His ways. Hint: Amazement isn’t a…

The Challenge of Compassion

Feeling like you’re in a desolate place with little direction, no provision, and few leaders? Let Jesus the compassionate Shepherd speak to your soul and meet your needs. Interested in how He does that? Check out today’s passage to see what the Lord has in store for you.

The Challenge of Witness

What happens to witness when the witness becomes a martyr? King Herod struck back against John the Baptist–and it seems like he won. But the Lord sustains our witness beyond our relationships, our tenures, and even beyond our lifetimes. Tune in to “The Challenge of Witness” (Mk. 6:14-29).

The Challenge of Offense

How does Jesus respond when unbelief goes viral in His hometown? He throws down the gauntlet for authentic faith! But for Jesus, throwing down the gauntlet means something more than one might think. And it involves His power, His methods, His character…and a wee bit of math. Tune in to what the Lord is saying…