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Sermons on Prayer


Greetings everyone! As a part of our worship time, we ask that because we are unable to sing together like we normally do for worship that instead, you would take some time to pray for a few things as our time of worship together. First, we ask that you would pray about Covid-19-For a Vaccine…

The Ministry of Intercession

(Matthew 6:9-13)(John 17) – The prayer life that Jesus models for us is one that emphasizes prayer not just for our own needs, but also for the needs of others.  Our prayers of intercession for others go up like incense before the Lord, and kindle heaven’s fire upon earth!  

Experiencing & Extending Forgiveness

(Matthew 6:12) – We all know what it’s like to need forgiveness.  Our many misdeeds weigh heavily upon us like a debt that is far beyond our ability to pay.  Yet, Christ came to pay our debt and bring us forgiveness!  In prayer, we express our need for forgiveness, experience the Lord’s deep & daily cleansing, and are empowered to extend forgiveness to others.

Asking for Daily Bread

(Matthew 6:11)(Luke 11:5-13) – Jesus teaches us to ask God for our “daily bread” – the physical & spiritual necessities of life.  When we do, we can rest assured that He will answer. What are the deep needs of your life? Let’s learn to ask God to supply for them!

Finding Out About Prayer

“Teach Us to Pray!”– Lessons From the Lord’s Prayer The only lesson Jesus’ followers are recorded as specifically asking Him to teach them was how to pray.  In response, He taught them a ‘model prayer’ – often called The Lord’s Prayer.  By examining this model, and putting the principles it teaches into practice, we can begin to tap more fully into the…