Following Jesus – Making Disciples – Changing the World

Sermons from May 2015

Stronger than the Storm

Luke 8:22-25 Storms are sure to come in our lives, especially when we follow the Lord’s leading into new territory for ministry.  Yet, as Jesus’ disciples discovered, not only is the Lord with us in the midst of any storm we face, but He is greater than the storm – He is the calm in the storm!  According to His own Word, as we trust and courageously follow His…

The Brotherhood of Obedience

Luke 8:19-21 This week we’ll learn about the incredible bond that unites true followers of Jesus as a spiritual “family.”  In many ways, this bond between believers is stronger & more meaningful than the bond we share with earthly friends and family members.  It’s certainly more lasting, for it is eternal. Learn how to be part of the deepest brotherhood of all, “the Brotherhood of Obedience!”