Following Jesus – Making Disciples – Changing the World

Sermons from 2016 (Page 3)

It’s Our Turn!

(Joshua 1) – As we continue our series about ‘Crossing Over’ into the life God has promised to us as His children. We’ll learn from the book of Joshua how to move beyond life ‘in the shadow’ of other people’s spirituality, and into a vital, personal experience of all that Jesus offers us. When it comes to our faith-life, there’s no substitute…

A Treasured Possession

Deuteronomy 7 – We’ll continue our series of messages about ‘Crossing Over’ into the ‘promised life’ of God.  Our focus this week is on the amazing reality that we are called to be God’s “Treasured Possession.”  Tired of questioning your worth and compromising your values? When you start understanding God’s love and high calling upon your life, you’ll never settle for ‘low living’ ever again.

Learning from the Wilderness

(Deuteronomy 8:1-5) – Have you ever noticed how the most impactful lessons learned in life tend to be gleaned out of the most difficult times?  More often than not, it’s when we find ourselves in the ‘wilderness’ that we’re most receptive to what God has to teach us. And He is always there – right in the middle of our wilderness experience…