Following Jesus – Making Disciples – Changing the World


Greetings everyone! As a part of our worship time, we ask that because we are unable to sing together like we normally do for worship that instead, you would take some time to pray for a few things as our time of worship together. First, we ask that you would pray about Covid-19-For a Vaccine and rapid distribution. -For God to raise up healers in the church. -For healing those sick with Covid. -And for first responders, their physical and emotional health, their families, and that the first responders would not get Covid as well. Next, we ask that you would pray for the Church as a whole, both at the local and national levels. We ask that you pray for strength, unity, love, and supernatural power for the Church. -For the Church to not be deceived by conspiracies and lies, or by the devil and false prophets, or be deceived by ungodly leaders. -For the Church to emerge stronger post-Covid. -And for the boldness of the Gospel. Lastly, we ask that you pray for our leaders. Specifically for our leaders at the local, state, and national levels of our government and society. -We ask that you would pray for their salvation in Christ. -For wisdom as they lead us. -And for the mental and emotional health of them and their families. Thank you, and God bless!