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 New Roof Information

We found out this week the timeline to have the roof at Journey replaced. Work will begin on Monday, August 30th and is scheduled to be done by Friday, September 10th.

Everything in the Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary will be covered in plastic to prevent any damage and contain the mess. Which means we will not have access to that part of the building.

The Sunday Service on September 5th will be online only.

Here are the different options we looked at:

  • Outside Service: Journey has decided not to hold our service outside
    • We want to stay safe considering the potential of nails and roofing tiles that may have fallen off the roof that have not been cleaned up yet.
    • The chance of rain. There isn’t an option to move indoors if it does rain.
  • Pre-recording our service: This is the option we have chosen to go with.
    • We will show our pre-recorded service on Sunday the 5th on our YouTube and Facebook pages, instead of meeting in person.

Also, there will be huge dumpsters in the parking lot for all the roof debris.

We will be eager to get back to meeting in person as soon as possible. By not entering the Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary we won’t be spreading the mess to other parts of the building, therefore clean up won’t take as long.

The staff at Journey will be working from home during most of this time.

We are praying that all will be completed by Friday, September 10th.  Journey is hoping that the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall will be usable on Sunday, September 12th. If there is an issue that arises with that timeline, we will let you know.

Thank you for your understanding. I am sure you are just as happy as we are that we won’t be having to deal with a leaky roof anymore!